BEAR Program 

(Be Excited About Reading)
@ Pine Ridge, South Dakota

The BEAR (Be Excited About Reading) Program is a literacy and life outreach project for youth and families on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (Oglala Lakota) in South Dakota.

Our mission is to empower the youth, families, and community to make positive choices, improving the lives of thousands of Indian people.

The BEAR Program is locally-led, trusted, and delivers proven results. Working out of the “BEAR Cave” at Billy Mills Hall, we educate, we help heal, change lives, and we get things done!

We Address Urgent Issues

The BEAR Program addresses the many struggles facing Native youth such as:

literacy skills

high school drop out rate


need for peer mentoring

making good decisions

alcohol and drugs


teen and family struggles


death, dying, and grief

The BEAR Project is about bringing together the four colors of mankind, strengthening hope, with dignity and making a difference.

Youth and Community Outreach

The Life’s Awareness program provides:

-support to schools and programs in the nine communities of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

-powerful theatrical performances

-24/7 emergency response to situations

-led by youth volunteers on the Reservation

BEAR volunteers also participate in direct outreach efforts in the community. We connect youth, parents, and families in need of resources and support services.


If you have questions…

If you would like to contribute…

If you would like to visit the BEAR Cave…

or learn when our next event is, please contact:

Yvonne DeCory, Director

(605) 454-0518

BEAR Project

Box 415

Pine Ridge, SD 57770